Chief Minister sanctions 189 houses to Baiga Adivasis

11 development works worth Rs 49 lakh sanctioned
Dr. Raman Singh meets 1500 citizens at 'Jan-Darshan' Road to be laid linking Kediyama-Kanesar village

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today sanctioned 189 concrete houses at the Adivasi - dominated village panchayat Birhuldih at development block Pandaria in district Kabirdham. Dr. Raman Singh was attending the weekly 'Jan Darshan' programme at his official residence. A delegation of villagers from panchayat Birhuldih met Dr. Raman Singh. Chief Minister was having detailed talks with the Adivasis regarding the social welfare and development activities. Dr. Raman Singh added that houses will be built under the Prime Minister Housing Scheme. The delegation informed Dr. Raman Singh that 251 families had submitted requests for allotting houses. Chief Minister added that each house will be provided at a cost of Rs One lakh 20 thousand. The villagers requested Dr. Raman Singh for the sanction of a bridge over Jhok canal at village Birhuldih.

Dr. Raman Singh instructed the Kabirdham District Collector to see that a bridge is built as soon as possible. The bridge will connect Machgaon, Pandripani and Gaboda villages with village panchayat Birhuldih. Dr. Raman Singh sanctioned Rs Four lakh for laying a cement concrete road at village Kundapani. The Baiga Adivasi delegation in a memorandum requested the Chief Minister to sanction teachers posts at Ashram school in village Birhuldih. Dr. Raman Singh directed the memorandum to Adim Jaati Vikaas Vibhaag. Chief Minister met about 1,500 citizens and redressed most of the grievances.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh sanctioned 11 developmental works worth Rs 49 lakh on the requests of villagers, delegations and people's representatives. The works included concrete roads, construction of drains and a stage. He sanctioned funds for medical treatment of 27 seriously ill patients. A delegation from village Kediyama development block Chura district Gariyabandh in a memorandum said that laying of road at Kediyama-Kanesar had been stopped by the Forest Department. The villagers are facing a lot of difficulty in travelling long distances.

A delegation of villagers from Amlipaani development block Sarangarh district Raigarh led by Sarpanch Mrs. Damayanti Vaishnav requested Dr. Raman Singh to sanction a road linking the village school to the main road. The school is inaccessible during the monsoon season. A delegation from village Farid Nagar in Bhilai submitted a memorandum requesting Dr. Raman Singh to sanction a road in the ward, development of park and cleaning of drains. Chief Minister instructed the Bhilai Municipal Corporation Commissioner and Durg Collector to redress the complaints as soon as possible.

A delegation from Fandahar near the capital called upon Dr. Raman Singh to cancel the tender for granting of liquor shop at the village. The shop will create nuisance for common citizens and school children. Chief Minister called upon the Excise Commissioner to look into the matter and redress the issue.

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