The tribes and castes of the central provinces of India Vol.2

Ahlrs had the exclusive right of milking the cow so that on all occasions an Ahir must be hired for this purpose even by the lowest castes. Any one could however milk the buffalo and also make curds and other preparations from cow's milk. This rule is interesting as showing how the caste system was maintained and perpetuated by the custom of preserving to each caste a monopoly of its traditional occupation. The rule probably applied also to the bulk of the cultivating and the menial and artisan castes and now that it has been entirely abrogated it would appear that the gradual decay and dissolution of the caste organisation must follow. The village cattle are usually entrusted jointly to one or more herdsmen for grazing purposes. The grazier is paid separately for each animal entrusted to his care a common rate being one anna for a cow or bullock and two annas for a buffalo per month.

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