दिखे मं छोट काम के पूरा देश मं होथे बड़का असर : डॉ. रमन सिंह

  • आंगनबाड़ी के लईका मन बर संस्कार अभियान के शुभारंभ

  • राज्य के 26 जिला मन मं संकटग्रस्त महिला मन बर
    वन स्टाप सखी सेंटर के मुख्यमंत्री ह एक संग करिस शुभारंभ

  • प्रदेश के सात जिला के साढ़े आठ हजार आंगनबाड़ी कार्यकर्ता मन बर मोबाइल फोन वितरण के शुरूआत

रायपुर, 10 मार्च 2017। मुख्यमंत्री डॉ. रमन सिंह हर आज इहां महिला अउ बाल विकास विभाग कोती ले आयोजित समारोह मं राज्य के आंगनबाड़ी केन्द्र मन के तीन से छह साल तक के लइका मन बर संस्कार अभियान अऊ शेष 26 जिला मं संकटग्रस्त महिला मन बर खुलइया वन स्टाप ‘सखी-केन्द्रों’ के एक संग शुभारंभ करिस।
नान्हें लईका के भविष्य निर्माण मं आंगनबाड़ी केन्द्र मन के भूमिका म प्रकाश डालत डॉ. सिंह हर कहिस के दिखे मं छोट लगइया रचनात्मक काम के बड़ असर समाज अऊ पूरा देश मं होथे। अच्छा काम खुद बोलथे। उमन कहिन राज्य के अंदाजन 50 हजार आंगनबाड़ी केन्द्र मन मं हमर कार्यकर्ता बहिनी नान्हें लइका मन के देखभाल, ओ मन ल स्कूल पूर्व शिक्षा देहे अऊ कुपोषित बच्चा मन के सेवा के जऊन सराहनीय काम स्थानीय स्तर म करत हे, वो दिखे मं छोट भले लगथे फेर ओखर सकारात्मक असर भावी पीढ़ि सहित पूरा देश म होथे। समारोह के आयोजन बूढ़ातालाब (विवेकानंद सरोवर) के सामने इण्डारे स्टेडियम मं अंतर्राष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस के उपलक्ष्य मं करे गए रहिस।

Chief Minister inaugurates One-Stop Centers for distressed women in 26 districts : 8, 500 Anganwadi workers to get mobile phones

'Sanskaar Abhiyaan' for anganwadi children inaugurated

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today inaugurated 'Sanskaar Abhiyaan' for children in the age-group of three-six years and 'One Stop Centers' for distressed women simultaneously in 26 districts here. The inaugural ceremony was organized by Women and Child Development Department. Dr. Raman Singh said that 'Anganwadis' play a crucial role in moulding the future of children. Small deeds play a major role in the development of society and the country. Good deeds speak for themselves. There are about 50 thousand Anganwadi centers where these dedicate band of workers mould the destinies of children in the pre-school categories and provide nourishment to weak and malnourished children. The programme was organized in connection with the International Women's Day here at the Indoor Stadium.

Dr. Raman Singh said these children will become doctors, engineers and earn name and fame for the families, state and the nation. He added that parents in big towns and cities admit their children in the age-group of two-and-half to three years into nurseries.

'Anganwadis' workers perform the same role effectively as teachers and mothers in the rural regions of the State. He said that women are playing a vital role in the 'Swachh Bharat' mission.

Chief Minister said that Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi had felicitated 104-year-old Mata Kunwar Bhai by touching her feet at Dongarhgarh. She sold her goats and built a toilet at her residence and inspired the villagers. Dr. Raman Singh said that the ratio of boys to girls is 1,000- 991 girls which is the Best in the country. Foeticide and infanticide do not occur here.

The literacy rate of girls is climbing very steeply. The gender ratio is better than Punjab and Haryana. He expressed his satisfaction that children in the age-group of 3-6 years will be taught in a play way method at the Anganwadi centers. A video had been made to display detailed methods of play way teaching.

Dr. Raman Singh launched the distribution of mobile phones to the eight thousand workers of anganwadis and computer tablets to supervisors. The pilot project covers Raipur, Mahasamund, Durg, Balod, Bemetara, Kabirdham (Kawardha) and Kabirdham districts. Forty-three Integrated Child Development Projects are being organized in 17 districts with the financial assistance of World Bank.

Dr. Raman Singh while referring to the 'One Stop Centers' for distressed women in 26 districts said that such center had been inaugurated in Raipur on 16 July 2015. Women in distress can file F.I.Rs at these centers and get relief from marital problems. Under the 'Laadli Noni' yojana, the State Government deposits Rs Five thousand in the name of the girl child which matures at the age of 18 years. The girl gets Rs One lakh at the age of 18 years.

The Chief Minister said that women are playing a crucial role in the public life of the State. Fifty per cent reservation had been provided for women in the three-tier panchayat Raj system. Dr. Raman Singh said that five crore poor women in the entire country will get domestic gas connections at a nominal rate of Rs 200 under the Prime Minister 'Ujjwala' Project. Thirty-five lakh poor families will benefit from the scheme in the entire State. About nine lakh families had been allocated subsidized domestic gas connections till now. Women and Child Development Minister Mrs. Ramsheela Sahu, Food Minister Mr. Punnulal Mohale, Parliamentary Secretary Mrs. Roopkumari Chowdhary, Former MP Mrs. Saroj Pande, State Child Rights Protection Commission Chairperson Mrs. Shatabdi Pande, State Women's Commission Chairperson Mrs. Harshita Pande, Social Welfare Board Chairperson Mrs. Shobha Soni, Differently Able (Physically Handicapped) Finance Development Corporation Chairperson Mrs. Sarala Jain and Women and Child Development Department Secretary Dr. M. Geeta and several prominent citizens were also present.

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