Central Provinces district gazetteers Raipur रायपुर डिस्ट्रिक्‍ट गजेटियर

The printed reports used in the compilation of this volume are the Settlement Reports of Mr. J.F.K. Hewitt (1869) and Mr. L. S. Carey (1891) and Mr. J. R. Scott's Report on the Zamindari Estates (1904). The greater portion of Chapters I, III, V, VI and VII has been written by Mr. Russell, I.C.S. The article on Geology has been contributed by Mr. Vreden- burg of the Geological Survey. Mr. Lowrie of the Forest Department has written on Botany and Wild Animals, and the Chapter on Forests has also been compiled from notes supplied by him. The Chapters on Agriculture and Land Revenue Administration have been contributed by Mr. Hemingway, I.C.S., Settlement Officer, Mr. Adams supplying a note on Government irrigation ; the former chapter has been read by Mr. Clouston, Deputy Director of Agriculture, and the latter by Mr. Montgomerie, Commissioner of Settle- ments. The Chapter on General Administration and the section on Minerals have been supplied by Mr. Mayes, Deputy Commissioner. The note on the material condition of the people has been written by Mr- Napier, I.C.S., late Deputy Commissioner of the District. Ai tides on the Leading Fami- lies and the Zamindaris have been submitted by Mr. Ley, I.C.S. The History Chapter and note on Castes are mainly the work of Mr. Hira Lai, Assistant Superintendent of Gazetteer. The description of Chhattisgarhi has been taken from Dr. Grierson's Volume on Eastern Hindi in the Lin- guistic Survey. The whole book has been read in proof by Mr. Mayes, Deputy Commissioner and by Mr. Gordon, Assist- ant Commissioner.

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