Raipur Rashmi History of District Hindi Gazetteer Preface रायपुर रश्मि भूमिका

In renewing my connection with the Chha'ttisgarh Division, brought about by my being placed in charge of almost all the Hindi-speaking districts of the province, the old memories of the Raipur District, with which I had been very closely associated in my early years of service, once again revived and it was suggested to me that I might as well put them on record in the form of a Gazetteer in the same way as I had done in the case of the Drug District some four years ago. I therefore jotted clown notes in the interval of business, which were later on reduced to shape with the help ot my brother Rai Bahadur Hiralal, who as the originator of the Vernacular series of District Gazetteers has been interested in seeing the Chhattisgarh Division completed, by the addition of this volume. The English Gazetteer of the Raipur District was composed in 1909 and is thus 15 years behind the times. I have brought the information up to date and have added considerable interesting matter under history, countributed by my brother in the light of new discoveries made since the publication of the English Gazetteer. The Hindi Gazetteer is designed on a different .... that of its English predecessor and brings with a quarter of the space all what is worth known for the ordinary people about their district themselves.
It is note—worthy that the Chhattisgarh country with was land-locked till very recently, the first Railway having traversed it about 35 years ago, has retained many remnants of the old culture and the Raipur District still possesses a lineal descendant of the great Kartavirya, the original ancestor of the Haihayas, who even mentioned in the Vedas under their territorial name of Chaidyas. If it is was included in Ravana’s kingdom, as some scholars have recently tried to prove, it opens up a vast field or exploration. Its account therefore cannot, I venture to think, fail to interest the learned and the ignorant alike. If the perusal of the brief sketch I have placed before the public inspires a spint of investigation, it may have to be superseded shortly and nobody would welcome it more enthusiastically than myself.
In the end I beg to acknowledge the help give to me by the District officials in supplying statistical and other information in order to the book up to down.
I am deeply indebted to Mr. H. M. Laurie, who from his retirement in England, favoured me at my request with a copy of his photo from which the frontispiece is reproduced.

26th January, 1925. GP.

रायपुर, जो किसी समय जगमगाते हुए महाकौशल के केंद्र पर था, हैहयों की क्षीणता होते ही तिमिरावृत्त हो गया और लोगों ने इसे गुर्सी और चोंगी का देश बना डाला, जिसके धुएँ से अंधकार की घटा अधिकतर काली दिखने लगी। गुर्सी के पास लोरिक और चंदेनी अथवा मारू और ढोला के किसे रह गए, परंतु अब यह धुआँ धीरे-धीरे छिन्न-भिन्न हो चला है और घटा की कोर पर आलोक की किरण सी झलकने लगी है। उसी एक किरण का यहाँ पृथक्करण किया गया है । श्वेत किरण में सात रंग होते हैं, उन्हीं की पृथक-पृथक सप्त झलकें इस रायपुर-रश्मि में दिखलाने का प्रयत्न किया गया है । प्रथम रंग जिले की प्राकृतिक शोभा का आभास कराता है, द्वितीय में महाकौशल के इतिहास का महात्म्य लख पडेगा, तृतीय में लोगों के समूह और उनके जाति-पाँति, रीति-भाँति, धर्म-कर्म का पट दिखेगा, चतुर्थ में खेतीबारी, पंचम में व्यवसाय, छठे में वर्तमान शासन और सप्तम प्रमुख ठौरों का दर्पण है।
रायपुर जिले से लेखक का संबंध बहुत दिन तक रहा है। उसे प्राय: उसकी सभी तहसीलों में रहने का अवसर मिला है, जिससे स्थानीय विशेषताओं से परिचय हो गया। उसी को लिपिबद्ध कर यह सप्तरंगमय रश्मि पाठकों के सम्मुख रखी जाती है कि कदाचित् वह हृदय पट में पड़कर अन्य छिपी हुई किरणों को उकसाकर अधिक प्रकाश के साथ परावर्तित होकर निकल पड़े और तिमिर घटा को बिलकुल हटा दे। क्या पाठकगण इस किरण को भीतर प्रवेश करने की आज्ञा देंगे?

जबलपुर, 26 जनवरी, 1925

रायपुर रश्मि मुख्‍य पृष्‍ट विवरणिका में वापस लौटें ..

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